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About Hydroponic Solutionz

Hydroponic Solutionz is a company based around customer service, supplying knowledge, designing and installing systems to the clients specification.

We also provide a design and quote service that given a broad specification of the crop you want to grow along with the available land and water, we are able to come up with a solution for almost any budget.

Hydroponic Solutionz offers an onsite maintenance and sales delivery service, please contact us for the services offered and a competitive price estimate. Please do not hesitate to ask for specific pricing

Services We Offer

Here at hydroponic Solutionz we offer a range of services to a wide range of customers from the small hobby grower just wanting some information on how to start out on their Hydroponic Hobby adventure, through to the commercial grower.
No job is too big or too small!

  • Hydroponic System Design and Install
  • Domestic and commercial Irrigation
  • Supply of Nutrient, Media and Consumables
  • Automation Controllers for Industry, Including:
    • Irrigation
    • Fertigation and pH correction
    • Climate (Temp/RH/Light/CO2/Air Exchange-Venting)

We offer a wide range of products for every Solution. Check out the following pages!

Hydroponic Solutionz has access to the entire bluelab range, browse the products here