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There are many different types of hydroponic systems, each one has its own benefits for a particular crop type such as pump running costs, water usage, replanting costs, cost of media, area utilization. Below is a list of some of the different sorts of systems that you may want to consider.

Simple Proportional Dosing

Simple proportional dosing is a great way of adding nutrient to water on simple drip to waste or watering systems where the runoff is not collected and recirculated. This can be used with a hand wand for watering plants, fixed sprinklers, individual pot drippers or overhead watering. A water only bypass can also be included so with the turn of a tap you can water the plants without fertilizer additives.
Options are available for up to 10M3/H

This system is often utilized by:
- Soil growers
- Small Flower Growers
- Hobby/Small Scale Growers
- Commercial growers wanting to inject a 1 part additive

Some fertilizers you may consider to use with this system are:
- Nitrogen rich fertilizers
- 2 part hydroponic nutrient
- Sprays or root drenches such as fungicides and pesticides

Continuous Dosing ( Used for NFT/DWC/recycled drip fed systems)

Continuous dosing is commonly used for recirculating systems such as Nutrient Film Technique (NFT). This is where the nutrient solution is pumped from the reservoir to individual gullies or channels where plants have their roots submerged in a 1-2mm thin film of nutrient solution and then this is collected at the end where is it redirected back into the reservoir. The controller measures the solution that is being pumped to the plants and doses the reservoir to the appropriate pH (acidity) and EC (Electrical Conductivity) in accordance to the users desired settings.

This system is often utilized by growers of:
- Lettuce
- Watercress
- Leafy Greens
- Asian Vegetables
- Herbs (Basil, Coriander, Dill, Chives, Mint, ETC)

Staged Batch Dosing and Irrigation

A batch tank or staged batch hydroponic irrigation is a great method to use to feed plants that are set up for drip irrigation. The way it works is the tank is filled with raw water and dosed with nutrient and pH corrector (usually acid) to a specific set point as set on the controller (such as the Autogrow EC and pH mini controllers) that is wired to a dosing pump. The size of the pumps will depend on the size of the tank and the number of plants that you are feeding.
The main irrigation pump will mix the raw water, nutrient and acid, until the tank is at the correct set point. The controller will then switch on a solenoid and feed the nutrient solution out to the crop and repeat this for every zone for the set run time. This is the most reliable way of ensuring that every plant receives the same feed.

Flood and Drain

Flood and Drain, or sometimes known as ebb and flow, is ideal for growing young seedlings in a isolated system that is set up as a nursery to germinate and grow plants ready to move into your main production area where the space is at a premium. The Standard sizing for the flood and drain trays is 1.2m x 2m wide however these trays can be cut and glued to any length (no longer than 8-10m is recommended) and are available in a range of widths depending on your application.

Day Tank Systems

Simply put, a day tank system is a staged batch dosing system as mentioned above but has no staging, so as the nutrient solution is taken from the reservoir it is topped up ad dosed straight away while the irrigation is still happening. Typically the plants are in some sort of media as they would be in the staged batch mixing system. The benefits to a system like this is that it could service 2 systems at once that require the same recipe, such as a NFT system growing leafy greens and then Basil that is planted out into coir for sale as living plants.

Misting Systems

Misting systems are utilized for a wide variety of applications such as greenhouse cooling, keeping cuttings and seedlings at the correct humidity/temperature, a tool to deter those pesky flies in the cow shed or maintaining the perfect humidity for your Orchids in the shade house. We have a system that can suit your needs

Watering Systems

We are able to provide controllers and sprinklers for simple irrigation systems from hobby to domestic to commercial.
Whether it is a multiple zone controller for different sections of your home garden, the back lawn or different crops in your greenhouse, we would love to hear from you to see what solutions we can offer you.

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